The Goal-Directed Orthodontics Philosophy

Goal-Directed Orthodontics utilises areas within orthodontics and dentistry to achieve the best outcomes for your oral care.

The Goal-Directed Orthodontics Philosophy

“The Goal-Directed Orthodontics Philosophy is an orthodontic diagnosis and treatment system established by the late American orthodontist Dr Ronald H Roth based on forty years of his clinical experience and research activities. The system facilitates diagnosis of jaw position and functional occlusion. This leads to improved diagnostic accuracy. The result is more predictable treatment.”

(Adapted from: Dr Satoschi Adachi, Japanese 2003 President of The Roth-Williams International Society of Orthodontists in: ‘Roth Orthodontics Philosophy and Case Reports’, Published by Roth-Williams Study Club in Japan’ 2003).

Dr Geoffrey Squires lectures to, and conducts Goal-Directed Orthodontics Philosophy seminars for, Australian and overseas dental colleagues.

The Goal-Directed Orthodontics Philosophy is practised at Squires Orthodontics Gladesville, Squires Orthodontics Tuncurry and Squires Orthodontics Avalon Beach.

Diagnostic Procedures

Prosthodontics. Broadly stated, prosthodontics is the discipline of Dentistry concerned with the function of the musculature and teeth and restoring function to jaw joints and to teeth which are damaged.

The Goal-Directed Orthodontics Philosophy Treatment revisits orthodontics’ prosthetic roots by employing a combination of prosthodontic diagnostic instruments and procedures:

Articulator-Mounted Plaster Study Models:

Plaster models of the patient’s teeth and gums are mounted on a hinging instrument- the articulator, to simulate the structure and function of the teeth and jaws.

Condylar Position Indicator:

Measures three-dimensionally the positions of the jaw joints as well as providing important information about their health.


an instrument which records movements of the lower jaw, permitting more precise finishing of an orthodontic case, thereby enhancing long-term stability of bite correction and alignment of the teeth. It, too, can provide important information about the health of the joints.

Technological breakthroughs continue to be applied to Roth-Williams diagnostic procedures including a relatively recent development in radiology: Cone Beam Volumetric Tomography (CBVT). CBVT provides an increase in diagnostic information, especially about the jaw joints.

Treatment and Goals


Goal-Directed Orthodontics Philosophy Treatment at Squires Orthodontics aims to minimise time spent wearing braces.

It differs from conventional orthodontic treatment in a number of ways. For example, treatment may not commence with bracing but rather an occlusal splint (orthotic) – a horseshoe-shaped acrylic wafer. The aim of this appliance is to relax the jaw muscles, thereby seating the ‘ball and socket’ type joints. By seating them, a better assessment can be made of a patient’s bite prior to bracing treatment – the key to long-term orthodontic treatment stability.

As Dr Squires says: ‘By treating to the ‘ball-in-socket’ positions of the jaw joints we are building the orthodontic ‘house’ on rock and not sand.’

You can receive this treatment at Squires Orthodontics Gladesville, Squires Orthodontics Tuncurry and Squires Orthodontics Avalon Beach.

Treatment Goals

The treatment goals at Squires Orthodontics are divided into five areas:

  • Optimal facial appearance
  • Optimal appearance of the teeth
  • Proper contact of the teeth when biting and chewing
  • Healthy gums
  • Healthy function of the jaw joints

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